A working visit of a technical administrative team and a consultant from the Palestine Poultry Company – Aziza – to the Agricultural Research Center

A technical and advisory administrative delegation from the Palestine Poultry Company – Aziza, represented by Dr. Muhammad Hassouna and Eng. Zaid Al-Shushtari and Eng. Omar Hamed made an official visit to the Agricultural Research Center in Jericho on Tuesday 3/9/2021 to discuss ways of joint cooperation between Aziza and Al-Quds Open University, where Dr. Maan Sheqwarah / Dean of the College of Agriculture presented an explanation of the most important research and field observations of the cultivation and production of the guar fodder crop in the Agricultural Research Center in addition to the scientific papers that were published in European refereed journals. And he presented samples of the legume guar fodder, discussed its nutritional components, and comparing them with the fodder used by Aziza company to feed dairy cows.

Ways and mechanisms of cooperation between the two institutions were discussed considering the common convictions of the importance of investing in the guar crop and its use in feeding dairy cows to study the extent of its impact on the quantity and quality of milk production as an alternative to some types of imported feed. While Mr. Imad Al-Jabali / Research Assistant at the Agricultural Research Center presented a PowerPoint presentation on the production of Spirulina platensis and reviewed the previous and current stages of work that took place at the Research Center. It was agreed to provide Aziza company with experimental samples of Spirulina platensis for use in poultry diets as a nutritional supplement.