khaled hardan

Over the period from 2001 and 2007, Dr. Hardan worked as a research assistant in Hebron University in the field of Soil and water conservation, plant identification and pasture conservation, cereal landraces, herbarium, gene seed bank, and testing of about 82 varieties of drought tolerance tomatoes. After finishing his Ph.D degree, Dr. Hardan worked as a researcher and coordinator to the Lower Jordan River Project at the Friends of Earth Middle East (FoEME), Bethlehem. Furthermore, he worked as a GIS specialist at the Action Against Hunger (ACF), Jerusalem. His responsibility was to create and develop a geodatabase for water, sanitation and food security in the southern part of Palestine (Hebron area). Dr. Hardan worked as external evaluator for the program (Improving Livelihood in the Palestinian Territories – West Bank- 2013, a multimillion program Funded by Netherlands Representative Office and implemented by a consortium of five local NGO’s.

Over the period from 2014 to 2016, Dr. Hardan worked with Ricardo-AEA UK, as a local expert and a team member for preparing the first National adaptation Plan (NAP) to cope with Climate change in Palestine, and during the study he covered water, agriculture, terrestrial ecosystem, and food security sectors. Since 2011, he worked at Palestine Investment Fund as a consultant in the field of development and Agri- investment projects, mainly agriculture and water. Since

2013, he has worked as a part time job at the Arab American University Palestine, Department of Environmental and Community Health. Recently, he got a mentor certificate from Mowgli Mentoring institution from (UK) to advice the Agri-businesses of entrepreneurs in Palestine. He worked as a consultant with F4J in the field of agri-business. Dr. Hardan worked as a senior expert and planner for the agricultural sector in Palestine through implementing the National Spatial development Planning project (2020 – 2050), which is funded by Munib and Angela Masri Foundation.

Dr. Aziz Salameh is currently working as researcher in the Agricultural Research Center/ Jericho at AL-Quds Open University, and he was the director of Agricultural Research Center, and the head of Plant Production and Protection and Biotechnology departments in two separate periods in the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) at the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture. Dr. Salameh got his PhD degree in Agricultural Sciences / Molecular Plant Breeding & Plant Breeding, and he has an excellent experience in scientific field, and he has many published articles also he participated and attendant many scientific workshops.

Mr. Imad Al-Jabali is working as a research assistant and supervisor of the Agricultural Research Laboratory in the agriculture research center since 12/2019. He obtained a master’s degree in environmental studies from Al-Quds University and the title of the thesis was “Production of Spirulina platensis using cheap local resources in Palestine”, and he previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in life sciences from Al-Quds University. Mr. Al-Jabali has a variety of experiences, as he worked as a teacher and research assistant at Al-Quds University and formerly supervisor of the Microbial Laboratory at PepsiCo.

Interest Topics:

  1. Quality Control Procedures and ISO Protocols.
  2. Water & Soil Microbiology.
  3. Plant Tissue Culture.
  4. Molecular Biology.
  5. Food Technology & Biotechnology.
  6. Spirulina platensis.
  7. Agriculture & Economy.

Eng. Khalid Aslan has a bachelor’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Agriculture, and he has a published article as his graduation project entitled “Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment”. Eng. Aslan is working in Agricultural research center since 2017 and he was one of the first people who initiated the research center also he is the field supervisor. Eng. Aslan attendant many workshops and conferences and has a good experience in hydroponic and aquaponic agriculture beside of Palm Date production and red weevil beetle treatment.

Interest Topics:

  1. Hydroponic & Aquaponic Agriculture.
  2. Palm Date.
  3. Plant Diseases.
  4. Water Sources and Usage.
  5. Water and Wastewater Treatment.


– Experience in agricultural work for more than 20 years in Jericho Resort Village, the Russian Museum, and the Agro-industrial zone in Jericho.

– Experience in the maintenance of solar panels systems.

Job: Agricultural Worker

Certificates: Diploma in Agriculture from Al-Quds Open University.

Experience: 7 years experience in agricultural operations.