Research Interests

The Agricultural Research Center aims to develop the agricultural sector in Palestine through solving agricultural problems and introducing modern techniques in agriculture. The following topics 8 represents the most important research interests and activities:


The Date Palm Trees:

According to Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture figures, there are more than 300 thousand palm trees planted on around 24 thousand dunums in the Jordan Valley, making it one of the most important sectors that have been active in Palestine in the preceding two decades of the new century. The Agricultural Research Center is interested in exploring harvest techniques as well as pests that attack palm trees, such as the red palm weevil, as well as mechanisms for raising productivity and lowering palm tree water needs.

Climate Change:

Due to its high harmful impact on natural crops all around the world, climate change has been a subject of concern for all governments. This inspired the Agricultural Research Center to search out agricultural crops that can adapt to harsh climatic circumstances, such as the fodder guar crop, which can survive a lack of water, heat, soil, and water salinity. In addition to focusing on some medicinal and aromatic plants that can cultivated in challenging environments,.

Smart Agriculture:

Smart agriculture is one of the most significant current strategies for integrating the use of modern technology in the agricultural sector’s development. The Agricultural Research Center is working to introduce smart agricultural technologies into the field over a 20-dunum region in order to use them in scientific research applications.



Aquatic algae are recognized as one of the main sources for the continuation of life on the planet because of their benefit in maintaining the ecological balance. Aside from their value, certain species include significant quantities of proteins and vitamins, such as spirulina algae, which was brought to the Agricultural Research Center and successfully produced under lab settings in Palestine.

Plant Breeding:

The technique of plant tissue culture is one of the important techniques in developing the production of seedlings with high fruit productivity and great resistance to diseases as well as the ability to obtain a large number of seedlings in a shorter period and with the use of less agricultural space in controlled laboratory conditions.  The Agricultural Research Center is working to establish plant tissue culture system in its labs by targeting the cultivation of plants such as cacti, bananas and other beneficial plants.