Participation in the implementation of the activities of the educational camp (STEAM) project

In order to activate the existing cooperation between Al-Quds Open University represented by the College of Agriculture, the Agricultural Research Center and the Arab Development Society Administration, the scientific and educational training activity was implemented within the educational camp project for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEAM), including agricultural sciences implemented by Al-Quds Open University in cooperation with the Ministry of Education – The Directorate of Education of Jericho and the Jordan Valley, in order to provide students with proper knowledge and inform them about modern agricultural techniques and their practical applications. Dr. Maen Sheqwarah and Eng. Khaled Aslan presented the idea and importance of agriculture in alternative media supported by pictures and videos, including hydroponics technology, where the patterns and types of alternative agriculture (hydroponics) were explained in terms of engineering design and the stages and steps of implementing and operating this model of agriculture in alternative media, where the technical aspects were discussed for this system with the students participating in the workshop and scientific activity and to answer all their questions and inquiries.

The activity included a field tour of the hydroponics project implemented in cooperation with the Palestinian Energy Incubator to see and learn about the practical application of this agricultural model, which has proven successful in the production of leafy crops and medicinal and aromatic plants such as basil, mint, lettuce, and celery. The workshop achieved its objectives through the implementation of the two activities, fish farming by the Arab Development Society and the hydroponics pattern and based on the request of the delegation supervising the program by the Directorate of Education that there should be more scientific cooperation in the relevant fields in the coming periods.