Dr. Aziz Salameh

Dr. Aziz Salameh is currently working as researcher in the Agricultural Research Center/ Jericho at AL-Quds Open University, and he was the director of Agricultural Research Center, and the head of Plant Production and Protection and Biotechnology departments in two separate periods in the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) at the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture. […]

Mr. Imad AL-Jabali

Mr. Imad Al-Jabali is working as a research assistant and supervisor of the Agricultural Research Laboratory in the agriculture research center since 12/2019. He obtained a master’s degree in environmental studies from Al-Quds University and the title of the thesis was “Production of Spirulina platensis using cheap local resources in Palestine”, and he previously obtained […]

Eng. Khalid Aslan

Eng. Khalid Aslan has a bachelor’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Agriculture, and he has a published article as his graduation project entitled “Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment”. Eng. Aslan is working in Agricultural research center since 2017 and he was one of the first people who initiated the research center […]

Starting the implementation of Spirulina platensis Pilot

Work has begun on the implementation of the Spirulina platensis project, which will multiply and produce algae with a capacity of about 10m3 as an improved system for laboratory production, which consists of closed ponds and the Bioreactor system as a pilot project and is the first of its kind in Palestine. Spirulina platensis project […]