Participation in the implementation of the activities of the educational camp (STEAM) project

In order to activate the existing cooperation between Al-Quds Open University represented by the College of Agriculture, the Agricultural Research Center and the Arab Development Society Administration, the scientific and educational training activity was implemented within the educational camp project for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEAM), including agricultural sciences implemented by Al-Quds Open […]

A working visit of a technical administrative team and a consultant from the Palestine Poultry Company – Aziza – to the Agricultural Research Center

A technical and advisory administrative delegation from the Palestine Poultry Company – Aziza, represented by Dr. Muhammad Hassouna and Eng. Zaid Al-Shushtari and Eng. Omar Hamed made an official visit to the Agricultural Research Center in Jericho on Tuesday 3/9/2021 to discuss ways of joint cooperation between Aziza and Al-Quds Open University, where Dr. Maan […]

Starting the implementation of Spirulina platensis Pilot

Work has begun on the implementation of the Spirulina platensis project, which will multiply and produce algae with a capacity of about 10m3 as an improved system for laboratory production, which consists of closed ponds and the Bioreactor system as a pilot project and is the first of its kind in Palestine. Spirulina platensis project […]